A Word From our Friends at Greenscape Design & Décor: The Three S’s: Sexy, Successful, Sustainable Event Design

Design plays a major role in throwing a successful event, and can make or break a party. Careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure the flow, feel and overall atmosphere.

But now more than ever, we are challenged to consider the environmental impacts of our aesthetic choices.

Here are some simple ways to ensure a successful, sexy, and sustainable design with little impact to our planet:

Consider your materials

–          Use renewable materials such as bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet – some species can grow up to 4’ in 24 hours!

–          Bamboo plywood is a great alternative to standard construction materials for building custom products for your events.

–          Bamboo serves as a great way to add greenery to events – available in a variety of heights and styles this product is as versatile as the event industry itself.

Repurpose, Reclaim and Renew

–          There are never ending options to revamp something old to something new and stunning

–          You could repurpose old moving pallets into wonderful living green wall backdrops, or funky furniture for a non-traditional lounge

–          Add a little sentimentality to any event by using antique elements, use old cutlery to create stunning chandeliers or grandma’s lace as a backdrop

Rent don’t Buy

–          First off this is a huge cost savings for your event! So you’re inadvertently saving the planet by saving money : )

–          There is a plethora of event rental companies to choose from, so make sure you look for ones who follow sustainable practices

–          Look for companies who also recycle their décor, as mentioned above a good supplier should be able to take old inventory and constantly flip into something fierce and fresh

– By Stephanie Furlong, Design Consultant, Greenscape Design and Décor



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