Welcome to the Strategin Spotlight!

Strategin Solutions is proud to be launching our blog, the Strategin Spotlight!

It will provide a space where we can communicate about current issues and trends in sustainability management and provide resources for individuals, events, and organizations engaged in promoting positive change. In addition, it will be an interactive space, where we will encourage visitors to contribute their thoughts, questions, knowledge and experiences in an ongoing dialogue.

Given that one of our core areas of expertise is event sustainability management there will be a strong focus on subject matter related to this topic. This year we have already seen the launch of the APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Event Standards and the Global Reporting Initiative Event Organizer Sector Supplement, with ISO 20121 set to be published in June of this year. The presence of these standards in the industry is a strong indication of the momentum toward sustainability becoming the norm for the way in which business gets done in the industry. We are looking forward to seeing the impact that these standards will have and who will be first movers, and will do our best to keep you up to date.

As one of the Official Sustainability Partners of the 2012 JUNO Awards, Strategin Solutions will be in Ottawa this week and will be posting about all of the exciting sustainability initiatives underway for this year’s events, so stay tuned!

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